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So now that I am setting up all my AV and loving every moment of it (my bank account isnt ;)) I saw a pic of something I wanted to do but don't even know where to start or who would do it....

I have a wall in my lounge (like most people do :) ) which is about 3m by 4 or 5m..... I want to wooden that entire wall. What I mean by that is put a wooden covering on it that is about 20 to 30cm from the actual wall itself. I then want to sink the TV into the wood so it looks flush and all the wiring etc will run between the wall and the wooden thing....

I can do it myself but I am sure it will come out looking like a braai or something :)

Does anyone know who does this (obviously not at the price of gold) but I have no problem paying for good workmanship!

Has anyone done this?

The wall would be a hollow cavity thing and will not do your sonics much good , it will act as a sounding box and could give rise to many problems. You would also have issues with getting to the wires etc. I would ask a shopfitter for a quote on something like this. I would rather buy a stand of some sort and use furniture or potplants or whatever to hide the wiring.

If it is not to muck up the sound severely it'll be quite a construction... Think heavy duty crossmembers every 0.5m and 22mm plywood / 32mm MDF, some fibreglass insulation behind it, However get a bit of design to make it a helmholtz resonator, which could smooth out the bass significantly... and a lot of audio issues will become less, or make it an infinite baffle Subwoofer at the same time, this could be close to bass holy grail, without much negative SAF...

So personally I'd go the whole hog, but I'm already quite far down the yellow brick road... and not interested in AV

You don't say what kind of wood? Veneered panel, slats or what?

If you choose something like veneered panel, such a construction could be beneficial to your sound reproduction. If you ensure that it is well damped, a wooden wall can act as a broadband absorber in the bass region and therefore do much to reduce standing waves. Ideally though, you want a similar construction on at least one of the side walls to address the other room modes too.

To make a broadband absorber you need to create a constrained layer damped construction with two sheet materials sandwiched together using a visco-elastic glue. One layer could be your decorative wood panel, while the other would be hidden and less expensive. But such a sandwich must still be fixed to a good solid frame to prevent the whole affair from vibrating.

Example of a visco-elastic glue formulated for constrained layer damping applications:

There used to be a local distributor.

You guys rock! Thank you for your time you too to respond... the only thing is that you confused the HELL out of me  ??? ??? ??? ???

1. Does anyone have to time to explain why the wooden wall would be bad for the sound (minus that insulation Hennie mentioned?). I get the vibration's part but surely if it was fastened well it shouldn't vibrate?

2. Hennie, I am not sure what kind of wood to use, I saw this in a Mag and wanted it, I am not looking for beach wood or something stupid expensive I am looking for something light it can even "mimic" cherry wood or something..... I am thinking it would HAVE to be slats --- maybe like decking you get around jacuzzi ? Bad idea

3. What is a broadband absorber?  :-[ :-[ :-\ :-\

4. Chipwelder - you know that sentance of yours was greek to me! a helmhotz what? :) You said you down the yellow brick road have you done this?

5. Rodney_Gold - I have a stand quite a big one like 4m - 4.5m but I like simplicity and thought that this would look better, I was also thinking of getting a projector screen that would be fitted just infront of the LCD and when I wanted to watch the projector it would cover the LCD and expose the screen. I have a brand new projector I have never used its just sitting in my cupboard :( - I can't find anyone that can do a drop down projector roof thing and the one guy I found wants R40k JUST FOR THE DAM BRACKET THING!

I want to go through with this but just don't want to do it, get the look but destroy the sound :(


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