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Downtime 2015/08/20


Well this is embarrassing! The server ran out of free disk space causing MySQL to block. It looks like a moderator might have tried to update some settings in this state, which caused a config file to be wiped and delaying recovery. On the plus side, I managed to run a proactive repair on all the MySQL tables while the site was down.

I am aware that a number of niggles still exist after the 2.0.10 forum upgrade. I will attend to these soon.

Corrective actions: I've made sure that two independent alerting mechanisms exist that will get my attention. One got removed when I upgraded my phone, and one was that Gmail marked an alert as not important, and I saw it with about 2 hours delay.

I had a bit of a problem about 30mins ago trying to access AVFSA as nothing happened. Reboot didn't help and eventually I found I was logged-in as a 'GUEST'. Resetting my password was required and all is well again.

Thanks Kay ;D



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