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Downtime 2015/08/03

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Morning all! Sorry to deprive you of your AVF fix this morning, should be back properly. I kicked off a required DB upgrade in order to patch SMF, which took about 2.5 hours in the end. Normally this is over in seconds but once I'd started it, I was committed to finish. Done with maintenance for now.

I've set up https://twitter.com/avforums_sa to post updates in the event something is down - feel free to follow it if you like. I'll include a link in the maintenance message for future reference.


Jeez dude, Had some withdrawal systems there hey, I actually had to do some work

What has happened to the Trader Stats?  All seem to have disappeared?

It's a plug-in to the forum. It may or may not be compatible to the latest version. Plug-ins can be handy, but they are a major hindrance for forum upgrades.

Rotten Johnny:
AVForums browser logo/ icon has also gone awol.


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