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Netflix on tablet
« on: July 11, 2015, 12:03:17 PM »
Nothing more comfy than lying in bed with tablet, headphones and Netflix.

But they are making every effort to block non-USA customers from doing so.

PC watching via VPN still works great but mobile VPN solutions do not work any more, and I've made it my mission to get it working again, and it works like this.

You need the following.

1. VPN service - I use my own rolled Amazon EC2 Linux instance running OpenVPN Setup cost R0.00, monthly running costs about $3.00 (~1-3 hours a day) data dependant, 12 gigs free traffic.

2. Wireless router - I use Asus RT-N10U  about R400.00 both DD-WRT and TomatoUSB firmwares run well on it I use the TomatoUSB firmware.

Flash the Tomato Firmware via cable, connect a LAN port from the modem/router to the wireless router's WAN port.
Make sure they are on 2 subnets ie for the modem and for the wireless router.

Setup OpenVPN as a client on the Tomato firmware using the *.opvn profile information supplied from your VPN service provider or from the EC2 instance.

reroute the Google DNS servers and to the localhost on your modem. (sneaky Netflix trick)

Now you should have 2 networks at home, 1 that connects through the VPN and 1 that does not.

You will need to do a full wipe on the tablet and make sure you connect to the correct VPN wireless network.

Download Netflix 3.7.1 older version without new security methods.

That it. Netflix working on Tablet again.

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Re: Netflix on tablet
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serious hacking here
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Re: Netflix on tablet
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Out of interest,  why was it more difficult on the tablet than the pc?