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Hi-Fi Geek:
Been experimenting with making my own biltong recently.  Here are some pictures from a recent batch:

Marinating meat.  Once marinated, leave in fridge for a day or 2:

Meat after a day or 2 in the fridge.  Time to hang it:

Hung for a 2-3 days, then sliced.  Eating time  :D  (we like it a little pink)

Ingredients and method ?

Hi-Fi Geek:

--- Quote from: BWS on July 10, 2015, 08:28:56 AM ---Ingredients and method ?

--- End quote ---

My current method and ingredients is pretty straightforward:

- About 3-4 kg of meat (usually get a big piece of topside from the butcher)
- About 200g of spice (Freddy Hirsch) and 150 ml vinegar.
- Slice meat into strips.  Marinate with spice and vinegar.
- Leave in fridge for a day.
- Hang for 2-3 days until desired level of dryness.
- Slice and Eat  ;D

Not meaning to hijack, but this is a lekker recipe:

My Son makes biltong & sells it at school and via the little tuckshop at the stable yard.

He gets his meat from Morningside Butchery (In Wendywood - go figure! There is a story behind it though :) )

8 slices Silverside, about 2cm's thick and about 20cm's long. Works out at about 4kg, so around 500g per slice

He mixes together his own spices & has the recipe down pat:
300ml Apple Cider Vinegar
100ml Worcestershire Sauce

Mix the aforementioned together.

1 cup freshly ground Coriander
2 Tablespoons freshly ground Black Pepper
2Tablespoons Kosher/Rock salt
4 Teaspoons Paprika

Mix dry ingredients together.

Then pour a layer of vinegar mix into the bottom of a marinating dish.
Sprinkle a layer of dry mix & lay the meat in the dish.

Repeat until all slices of meat are in the dish. - he uses 2 dishes as it's easier.

1 dish is per mix described above.

2nd dish he adds 2 teaspoons Cayenne Pepper or Peri-Peri to the dry ingredients - this gives a nice peri-peri "bite" to the taste.

Place in fridge for 24 hours, turn halfway through.

Hang for 3 to 4 days depending on how wet/dry you want it.

Our dryer has 4 racks, with a 40 Watt globe at the back.

He places 1 Peri & 1 normal on each rack - after 4 days the texture varies from fairly dry at the back to nice & moist/pink at the front.

Slice, packet & sell :)

Hi-Fi Geek:
Nice Trompie.. might give your recipe a try as well :)


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