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100 valve amplifiers: A history

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A must-read for valve afficionados.

I have just received the following most valuable reference from Skollie. A unique history of valve amplifiers since the beginning in two parts. I am indebted to him (he has also contributed!).

100 power amplifiers to lift your hat preface.

F_D may consider to make this a sticky. I will not comment now, except to say that it is a remarkable history for everybody interested in the development of valve amplifiers since the beginning of electronics (before even my time!). Many matters are put in perspective.

I distinctly appreciate correctly explaining the innovation of ultra-linear topology, which at the time was with respect, a sad opportunistic piece of deceit without giving credit where it was due.

I personally, who was part of this history for six decades, take my hat off to those who pioneered.


New Link:  100 power amplifiers to lift your hat preface.

Wow. I've been looking for something like this. Amazing resource. Thanks  :2thumbs:

Thank you, Ampdog :)

Happy reading all.


Wow!! Thanks so much. Fascinating reading here . . .

Thank you. Fascinating & educational!


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