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Any Cheese aficionados around? What are your favorites?

I like the soft, creamy ones like Brie, Camembert and also Blue moulds, Stilton, Roquefort etc.

Where do you source your preferred cheeses from and which locally made are the best. Are there any 'Micro' manufacturers similar to the micro-brewery industry ?

Keen to hear whats out there 

Some nice cheesy choices there  :thumbs:

With my old man being Italian I also like Parmesan ,Mozzarella , Pecorino, Provolone  etc etc as well as Feta ,Halloumi.. gosh in fact most cheeses are  :drool:

Our local checkers has some nice cheeses to choose from and there was fabulous cheese shop in Edenvale but it closed down not too long ago  :(

My latest discovery is Dutch Beemster, aged, hard cheese with crystally bits in it.  Not sure if it available here, but yum.

Love my cheese as well. My favourite remains Dutch Maasdam. Sadly quite expensive here, but staple diet when I was living there. Dutch cheese always varied with the seasons which made things interesting, graskaas / jong kaas, jong belegen, half belegen, belegen en oude kaas all varying in age.

Brie and Camenbert are also favourites and Port Salut among other French cheeses.

Love Italian cheeses as well, but a bit disappointed that all locally made Italian type cheeses seem to be made with cow's milk. Same goes with Greek cheeses, I've often tried frying local Halloumi cheese that just ends up in a melting goop.

Best cheese shop in Cape Town is "Real Cheese" in Lower Main Road in Observatory (about opposite the old Lion Match Factory office park)

Don't count on the staff having much knowledge though.  Also check the date on the cheese.  Some is sold too early


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