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Hey, I'm so glad that we have a F&D board. I've become quite a foodie over the past two years.
Has anyone used the Whirlpool JetChef and what's your expereinece.
I'm after something that will save time, rather than have all the bells and whistles for the sake of it. Would you recommend it over a std. covenction oven from Defy or Whirlpool.

I see that Whirlpool has also brought out a new range of Jet Cusine Microwaves, which are similar to the Jet Chef, without the baking (forced air) facility.

I haven't really used most of the features but SO has and she loves it, better than a standard microwave by miles.

Call me old school / fashioned - I've never gotten my head around cooking in a Microwave!

In training Pru Leith absolutely despised them for cooking purposes, and would bollox you out from a very dizzy height if she saw anyone near it :).

None of the kitchens I ever worked in had such "abominations", and to this day I still cannot use them. Have stove & oven, will cook!

Danny Boy:
I'll use a microwave for heating food and defrosting (should it be done due to poor planning)

--- Quote from: Trompie67 on May 13, 2015, 03:16:30 PM ---Have stove & oven, will cook!

--- End quote ---
Fire... You forgot fire...


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