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Billy Bantings Chicken Keesh

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So the Cats home late I decided to wreck the kitchen a bit.
About 1kg chicken mince
1 red onion finely chopped
2 gallops coconut oil
a quarter pumpkin chopped for mashing
heat frying pan.  Add coconut oil and onion fry until soft.
Add chicken mince
chuck in a big dollop of cream, curry masala, tumeric, a donkey bite of salt
add a bit of whatever you like - for me it was cayenne pepper,
Fine coriander, and pinches of whatever we had in the spice rack.
boil the pumpkin and cook the chicken. Mash the pumpkin, leave it a bit runny as the chicken can get dry.
Add pumpkin to the chicken and mix.
In the meantime add a beer-size glump of cream into a mixing bowl.  5 eggs and a pile of coconut flour. 
Mix that lot up. Ladle the chicken into a dish.  Top with the eggs mix
bake in the oven at 150 until the missus gets home.
I'll let you know how it tastes...


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Danny Boy:
I really love the write-up. BUT, I'm (still) eagerly waiting for the results...

I'm trying to be objective here, obviously biased as I was the chef:
Overall it was pretty good, not great. A satisfying and very filling meal, but not that memorable. Relatively good value for money, Low Carb High Fat Banting meals can be expensive. Not difficult to make.

The chicken mixture was tasty and about the right mix of chewiness and juiciness for my taste, I don't like dry food. I reckon the egg and coconut flour mix was a bit on the dry side, probably used too much flour, not enough cream. Would have been better if I'd melted some cheese over it. 7/10.


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