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Sure, I have googled, but it's always nice to hear what your fellows think...

I have 2 red peppers, 2 medium-sized brinjals as the basis of a dish. Any ideas on what to do with these (I can buy more ingredients, as required)? I'd like to hear your ideas and/or recipes.

My first instinct is to make a brinjal (egg-plant/aubergine) -based stuffing (I don't know how), but there must be other options...?

I'm a foodie of note and do all the cooking at home.

But you lost me at the brinjals, get some real food man.  :tongue:

Love this .....
the brinjals , are well known in my country and other hispanoparlantes countries  by the name BERENJENAS.
I prefer then cooked together with any source of meat( pork, or beef or skaap).
I am not an expert on culinary matters but if you are interested try my recipe(actually my mothers).
1-first step is to peel the purple skin first, then cut the inner of the egg plant fruit in small cubes, size around 2cm on all sides. it can be slightly bigger though... toss the cubes in a water container with salt and leave them there for the time been....while you prepared your meat.

  2-  choose a tender cut( like sirloin or rump, if you like pork select boneless neck cuts and make then in cubes too or stripes.) by the way chicken stripes will also do the trick.  With beef I prefer to leave the meat with  salt , lemon and pepper for at least 30 mtes or more before cooking.),
  3 - preheated Olive oil in a pressurized cooker, then Adding 1 dice onion onto the frying oil.
     Add garlic only after the onions have change color. Cook the meat till it turn brown, ( do not cover the pot), Soya sauce can help to add saltiness and color to the meat but I prefer tomato puree( not ketchup).
4 the last step is to cover the meat with the egg plant cubes and the n close the pot leaving the pressure valve open at all time.
( the cubes itself contains a lot of water so only add water if there is not enough from the meat. while cooking it , not after adding the brinjals) there .
 5- let the process of melting and cooking happens for 35 mtes. You can stir from time to time , but if not There will be an smoky flavor in to the dish,that I like a Lot.
....................AHHH the peppers ...use it to cook the meat before adding the brinjals )     

good luck with the sale...I meant the plate.!



--- Quote from: 2wice on April 21, 2015, 09:57:23 AM ---But you lost me at the brinjals, get some real food man.  :tongue:

--- End quote ---


i am vegetarian .... BUT ..... even i dont eat eggplant (aubergine) ..... to me its yucky

Easy peasy :)

Baked potatos with brinjal & red pepper stuffing.

Par boil medium to large potatos with skin on (you want to bake them later).
Dice peppers & brinjals into 1cm thick slices, remove pips from peppers, roast on foil in olive oil with salt, pepper, garlic & chillies to taste.
20 mins in the oven at 200 degrees. Stir/turn once after 10 minutes.

You can add bacon or chourico (my personal favourite). Bacon or chourico to be sliced also into 1cm pieces & fried in olive oil until they start to get crispy.

Strain peppers, brinjals, bacon/chourico over sink for 10 to 15 minutes.

Slice open potatos, remove half the filling, mix same with your peppers, brinjals and bacon/chourico. Place back into potatos, & pop into the oven at 180 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes - once the potato skins start getting hard & crinkly you can remove from oven.

Sprinle with cheese - parmesan is my personal favourite, but you can use mozzarella or even cheddar.

Place under the grill until cheese is melted & starts to turn light brown.

Nom Nom Nom :)

An alternative is to sprinkle with a Feta Cheese & Basil Pesto mix on top - but then only bake until it starts to melt.

Enjoy :)


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