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Re: SA artists worth mentioning
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Megan Kate

Megan Kate Malan

Megan Kate is a South African born and bred bint. Her love, passion and dedication to music has driven her ...... in the wrong direction towards the nostalgic Electro Sound of the 90s. Ploughed right through Sam Paganini Plaza and J-walked willy-nilly right over Avatism Ave, without looking left nor right, she found herself basking in the glory of a certain Black Strobe.

 Megan Kate is not just a performer, she's an experience ... like no other with her loungey sunday sofa sound. Within minutes the crowd can be seen scuttling off as blood streams from their ears, clearly to go tell all of their friends of the brilliance and splendour that is Miss Megan Kate.

A lady to the very end, Megan enjoys long walks on the beach, a warm cup of tea and aggressively thrusting her clenched fist into air in harmony with the gentle hymns of Arnuad Rebotini and friends.

For bookings :

Light 5 candles (in a neat circle)
take 1 x1 blunt butter knife and carve your details into your arm.

We'll be sure to get back to you xx

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Re: SA artists worth mentioning
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Always had a soft spot for these jokers, try all their stuff for noise annoys.  Great laugh as motivational noise rock:
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Re: SA artists worth mentioning
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Zombies ate my Girlfriend are also a great local rock/metal band

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Re: SA artists worth mentioning
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Bottomless Coffee Band remain my local music find of 2018/2019. I am particularly amazed at how Lourens is able to play harmonica, guitar and his pedal drum kit at the same time. Live it's even more incredible.
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Re: SA artists worth mentioning
« Reply #125 on: March 08, 2019, 11:53:28 AM »
Saw this guy and his band last night. I was blown away. Morena  Leraba  :notworthy:

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Re: SA artists worth mentioning
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Don't think CH2 has been mentioned yet . Exceptionally talented guitar duo.
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