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An updated list of lossless music download sites

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Thanks to ncdrawl from Southport, North Carolina (

A master list of lossless download sites.  Copy and paste the URL into your web browser French site. Charges in Euros. Excellent for electronic and bleepy music some of which you will know and some you won't. Pricing generally 6-10. Format is FLAC with some high res here and there. UK based and charges in . Again (as name suggests), quite a bit of electronica but an interesting world music section and some acoustic material as well. Choice of FLAC or WAV but limited High res catalogue. The online wing of the existing Linn label. Good spread across classical through to electronica and generally high res. Not cheap and wants 's as your currency. Usually a choice of FLAC and WAV Lots and lots of bleepy music with a wide spread across the various sub genres. WAV only. Has the ability to charge in multiple currencies. Not much High res. Can be good value if you like bleepy music. Awesome. A big open marketplace where acts sell music direct. FLAC and WAV available and prices range from free to about 14. Lots of the music is awful but it is easy to listen before you buy and there are some gems here. Charges the currency of the band so lots of variation.

Rotten Johnny:

ron g:

signature sounds has some very good americana for download:

Sample test tracks -

Main sites I use to buy hirez tracks from:
HD tracks. (Already listed above) - Japanese site. I have bought a number of cool albums from the site. The have some large DSD file (512 dsd). Nice for those of you who own the ifi micro idsd. One japanese band i can recomme d is Roth Bart Baron. Pretty cool.


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