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Thought I'd start a thread where we could post to some good deals on headphone related gear. The general Heads up thread seldom/never have any items related to headphone gear.

Massdrop is currently running a special on the Philips SHP9500 for $70 incl. low shipping to South Africa. Probably the nicest open back headphone you will currently find at the price. Usually you would have to stretch this to at least R2000 to get the Sennheiser HD558 and up. The SHP2000 closed back headphone is very popular in South Africa and probably the best one you can find for under R200, so for fans of Philips sound signature this could be a great option.


Thanks DaftPilot, great idea

Awesome!! :2thumbs:

Must say Philips cans are quite underrated here :nfi: but I quite like them!

Nice thread

And agree - the Philips Fidelio are excellent value for money; alas their unavailability in this 3rd world shithole our market.


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