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What was the last Film you watched?

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I've created this thread for members who want to discuss the last movie they've seen, maybe a mini review if you like.

It doesn't have to be the latest movie just anything you've seen recently.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 8/10

I thought it was a good movie, I like Ben Stiller in more serious roles and the directing wasn't bad. Also I have a thing for Kristin Wiig...

Divergent 2/10

Terrible. Avoid.

Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg - based on a true story, excellent! - 8/10

Anchorman 2 - the first 3 quarters of the movie was hilarious and then all went downhill from there for me... - 6/10

Jurassic park of course!

Primal Fear - it was still a good movie after all these years. It was the first time my girlfriend saw it and she enjoyed it. 7/10

Railway man
Based on a true story. Colin Frith and Nicole Kidman give solid performances. You have to be in the mood though as it is not light entertainment but explores the subject of reconciliation to a great extent. 8/10


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