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How good is the deal?
Hi Gerhard, see you bought that Bosch Mitre saw, did it come with the stand, you mind my asking what you paid? I need a ballpark figure so I can list one here on the forum, just need to know so I can let it go for a fair price?

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The very first thing you need to build using your nice new machines is a good sized and sturdy work bench.  After that, you do the kitchen work on it which makes life significantly better.

Just to wet your appetite, here are some pics of the cabinets I am building for my kitchen.  I decided that if I am going to do this myself, then I will not have any Weet-bix in my kitchen.  Doesn't it look similar?


Anyway, I went and ordered 200 linear meters of Saligna in 152mm x 25mm x 3300mm size planks, and have done all the framework in that.  Laminated up the legs, etc, etc from the stockpile.  You will be amazed at how far that much wood goes!  For the side and back panels I have 6mm marine plywood, and for the inside shelves I have 15mm marine plywood.

In the spirit of good woodwork, I decided to make all structural joints using loose tennons.  Not a screw, nail, or other fastener in sight.  No metal and definitely no plastic.

The house I bought is about 40 years old and looks cottage style, so the kitchen I am putting in will compliment this look.  Each cabinet is a piece of furniture - no mass assembly of horrible materials here.  The cabinets will be painted in some or other color - most likely off white / cream or something like that.

This is a cupboard unit - it will have 2 doors when done:

Loose tennon joint here:

Losse tennon joint here as well:

This is a drawer unit.  Still need to make the drawers and apply the sides, etc:

This is an open unit.  It has the fancy slats for shelves because it will not be enclosed and I needed something more visually appealing:

I hope this has provided some little bit of inspiration to you.  All I can say is that it takes damn long, the fun and excitement factor dissipates faster than you think, and it is generally a huge schlep to go this route.  That being said, the finished result will be more than worth the effort and definitely not something I could afford to have someone else build for me.

Kind Regards,

Hi. I was inspired by your kitchen build. Could you care to show us a picture of the final result? Also, did you use plywood or solid for the doors?

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Apologies. I see that he emigrated which would explain the non-reply...

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I think Ian will only use Solid Wood.
Amazing what He can do.
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Re: Woodworking machinery
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The house is, shall we say, one with "potential". I.e. it needs a lot of work to get it into the current century :whistler:. I deliberately chose it this way 'cause the it was relatively cheap. My reasoning was this: Pay less for an older "fixer-upper" and spend the (rest of the) money (I would have paid for a more modern house) to revamp it myself. I then end up with exactly what I want while still paying market value. Further, why pay some guy R50k-R80k (or whatever they go for) to build a new kitchen when I can spend the money on tools and build it myself AND have the tools left over?

Hope you enjoy your new toys tools. And keep very accurate records of all you spend on materials, tools, etc. You can offset expenses incurred in maintenance, improvements, etc against capital gains tax on your property (i.e. on the profit you make in the sale). I am not a tax expert, so best speak to one, but this could put hundreds of thousands in your pocket later.

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Here is a great youtube channel for guys like me who enjoy working with hand tools:

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I have been given a magnificent Dewalt DW1161 planer/thicknesser combination machine, but I have been having trouble to calibrate it. Is there some place I can take it to have it set up correctly? (JHB)