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DRC experiments
« on: February 20, 2014, 08:21:27 AM »
So after treating my room and getting order of magnitude better ETCs and frequency response I decided to give Denis Sbragion's DRC another whirl with my fav audio player foobar courtesy of its convolver plug-in.

First off my new 1/2" mic has a noise floor below 20 dB which has reduced some hash that was evident with the Behringer measurements and allows me to sweep far quieter than before.

Whereas before I had to be very conservative with the amount of correction applied, I can now start to reap some real benefits and it's had a definite effect on the soundstage, over and against the the already massive improvement after the side-wall treatment. The "bass" for my listening position had disappeared, just the way I like it. When the recording calls for it it is very much there with full response to 20Hz, but the tendancy for certain frequencies to pop and boom is even more behaved than after bass trapping and 10m^2 of wall treatment.

On the downside, the system plays almost 6dB quieter which is putting a far greater demand on the amp-speaker combo. It's still my 3" HiVi PC speaker setup and it's sounding better than it has any right to. I still need to find a target function to my liking as the HF is ever so slightly emphasized, but so-far I am quite happy.

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Re: DRC experiments
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Im also fiddling with DRC via acourate and rephase and the FIR filter thing.. tho have been more engrossed in other stuff to have made any headway.
Generally , DSP correction systems will always use a 3-6db cut if there is any boost whatsoever , to stop digital clipping , if you arent boosting and only cutting , you can dispense with this (if you can in the software) , in fact you can normally dispense with this even if you do 3-6db or so boost as very few CD's are recorded at 0dbfs (apart from modern kak which is normally "hot")
Bass trapping treats the room , low bass DRC "treats" the listening position. If you always sit in the sweet spot , its a good way of doing things if you have a dual purpose room etc. Physical means cannot treat the signal that hits your ears with the same fine tuned precision as DRC does .. or tune for taste - so its really a great tool to use in conjunction with your treatments.
Try this curve as a target curve.

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Re: DRC experiments
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I am using the bk curve atm, but I think the system is correcting for some baffle behaviour. It might also be mastering of some songs as on classical music and many others it doesn't draw attention to the HF nearly as much.