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Re: In the shade of my Stetson
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Thanks for the news of the newest Ry Cooder record.  By not falling for the rock star hype when he was young, he's spent a lifetime making great music.

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Re: In the shade of my Stetson
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A rather neglected thread here, as actually all else too as i have have my first real vacation for more than 25 years, and the hottest summer up here for some 250 years, tells a bit about how much fun we have up here if we have registered and kept track of daily temperatures for that timespan

This is rather new, a few weeks, not on record in Sweden yet as far as i have found out, but please, give this guy a listen, William Crighton, cousin to Crocodile Dundee, i think, this is very, very far from bad, I think this is good enough to fill the  streets in a collective thank You to this guy.

A senile Swedish loudspeakermanufacturer, ponytail and all, why is he here?

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