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Anyone interested in putting together a list of known Vinyl dealers arround the country?
Im sure there a few of us that will find this a usefull resource.


Great idea! Go for it.

Please do!

Here's some names for starters:

Chilli Vinyl - (obviously till stocks run out!) - 0825603882, 0113124185
Microgram Northcliff - No phone line but operates by cell: these are the numbers I have, not sure if they are still correct - 0794764906, 0833013234
Audionut - Mark Eardly - 0114769415, 0828850146
Barney the Greek - (sorry Barney, don't know your surname) - 0731880256
Bernd - 0844328023

Some more;

Andries Oosthuizen - 0722359818
Wayne Hampton from Edenvale - sorry seems to have lost his number
Japie - used to sell at Chilli vinyl, some nice stuff - 0824953378

Don't know by what name all these guys trade, maybe someone else can fill them in?

There is a guy that sells great vinyl on BID or BUY.


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