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This is in the final planning stages, a venue has been chosen, some arm-twisting is being done to provide equipment for a demo, all that is lacking are people

To be put on the mailing list of the Cape Town Hi-Fi Club please send an email to...

In the email, please write

1 - Your name
2 - Your telephone

And you will be added to the list of contacts

The first newsletter is currently being written and we are planning for a meeting early in February on a Wednesday at 8.00pm.  It will be at a venue in Wynberg, but we have to speak to the boss there who is away at present.  The newsletter will include the address and also a map and directions to get there

The previous Hi-Fi Club ran from 1975 to 2004 and included such stalwarts as Charles Strever.  There are many forum readers who were members.  With your presence and support we can again make a go of it

Mail sent ...

Sounds like a great idea.

Details sent.

All the best


details sent too... sounds like a great plan.

I seem to be at the right place, I'll send a mail later. I have to study.  :boring:

EDIT: I don't have a telephone number but I do have a cell number.


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