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Data Execution Prevention errors

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AAnyone else getting these warnings? Upgraded to IE 8, and I am having a terrible time browsing this forum all of a sardine. I keep getting told that some malicious/damaging prog is trying to do something to my PC, and therefore the page is being closed.

Here is message:

 Internet Explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer
   A malfunctioning or malicious add-on has caused Internet Explorer to close this webpage.

Are you running Windows Vista? Just curious. I haven't used IE8 much, I have it but it hasn't really impressed me enough to use it for anything other than the odd internal site which requires it.

Hmmm, you "downgraded" to IE8!

There are many recommended remedies for this issue, but possibly you may have to do a complete reinstall of the operating system(Backup and do a fresh installation) to solve this problem.

If reloading is not the appropriate answer at the moment, you could possibly try Firefox with IE extentions until you have the opportunity to reload. I will have a further look tomorrow, but if you could perhaps capture the complete error message by doing a screen capture(alt-PrtScn) and paste that into Wordpad or something, it will help a lot looking for a solution.

Andrew, why don't you rather upgrade to the award-winning  Mozilla Firefox browser instead? Much safer, more reliable, and quicker browsing. Very well supported too!



Abe - it humbles me to be in such great company...  :D

Great minds think alike!



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