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Well Ampdog... view the Manley site - it is pretty self-explanatory. They sure are flamboyant!

Very, very cool site.

Much as I like valve amps, this one does nothing for me. Looks like Eloff street intersection during rush hour from the top view, although the under-chassis view is impressive. Guess if ever I got one of these, I would mount it upside down...


Now Ampdog, don't keep us in suspense ;) Do you intend getting one, or do you want the Halle's to look like this ;)

Okay, my two cents, I think its downright ugly :( If I think of a valve amp, I think of chrome covers for the transformers and the surface areas also chrome with the tubes glowing and reflecting on the chrome surfaces. Okat it will probably be quite a job to keep the surfaces gleaming, but well we can dream ;)

I understand the reason for building cages to protect the tubes, but its a beautiful sight to see the tubes glowing at night especially when its cold outside, must be Voortekker in me as I also enjoy the glow of hot braaivleis coals at night, but it does not sound as good. And NO, I still like my "Digital" pre-amp and monoblocs ;D

Abe, I'm touched.  ::)

Never knew you were so full on sentiment...  ;D

But I agree with every word you say!



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