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Leon Economides - Benefit Gig
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Guys n Gals, I'm sure many of you have heard of or even know Leon, a good freind of mine is planning this Gig to assist Leon with his situation. as part of my contribution i offerd to spread the word (MODS I trust this is OK and in the correct section ) Below is a brief summary of the background and the planned Gig, looks like its going to be a blast and for a good cause. PM me if you need any info and i will do my best to assist  :thumbs:

"A number of years ago, Leon was held up at gunpoint in an armed robbery in his offices, and was badly assaulted, which led to his spinal column being seriously injured when a few lower vertebra were broken as a result of him being kicked in the back and the assailants jumping on his back when he was made to lie face down on the floor. The damage was quite extensive, and this this has led to many failed back procedures since 2008 (the diagnosis is called “Failed Back Procedure Syndrome”) and other complications, rendering him unable to work properly or live a normal life, together with huge medical bills. This has affected his income tremendously, and has led to other medical conditions that are attributed to the condition.
It is a long and involved story, but to summarize: Due to medical aid and life policy exclusions / waiting periods and other financial issues, Leon’s medical expenses got out of control as the complications, and need, for further, and ongoing medical procedures, continue. He has recently consulted with a new anaesthesiologist / pain specialist at the Wilgeheuwel Hospital who has advised that, whilst there is no cure for the nerve and disc damage done, he might be able to alleviate and reduce the debilitating pain Leon is experiencing every day of his life, with a different procedure to the ones that Leon has already had, and which have not been successful, hopefully thus affording him a better quality of life.
Johnathan Martin came up with the idea of a benefit concert, and he and Charl Barry have set about arranging this. The purpose of the benefit concert is to try and assist Leon with the costs of this latest procedure, which is to be held in the later part of November.
Johnathan and Charl contacted various musicians, secured a venue and a PA, together with a sound engineer. It’s now its up to us, the public, to show up and help pay Leon’s medical bills, a sort of “thank you” for the music and support of SA bands and musicians over the years.
CAFE BARCELONA, in Elardus Park, Pretoria, was kind enough to give us the venue, together with their PA. The concert will be held from 7pm on 16 NOVEMBER 2013, and Conrad Jamneck will do the sound.

The musicians that so kindly offered their services for free, are:
        * Son

        * The Fake Leather Blues Band

        * Aiden Martin Band

        * Agro

        * Johnathan Martin and In My Blood

        * The Black Cat Bones

        * Mauritz Lotz

Peter Pulvenis from BAND O' GYPSYS will come out of retirement for this gig, thanks to Gary Fulton.
The entrance fee will be R100 per person. The money will be paid into a fund which will be used to pay for Leon’s medical bills.

Cafe Barcelona
Elardus Park Shopping Centre,
cnr Delmas & Barnard Streets,
Elardus Park,
phone: 012 - 345 3602

Visit the Facebook Page at

For more information contact Johnathan Martin on "
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Re: Leon Economides - Benefit Gig
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Sounds great, should be nice night out with the wife and for a worthy cause

Black cat bones is an awesome blues rock band with a twist!

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Re: Leon Economides - Benefit Gig
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I agree 100℅ see u there .... :thumbs:
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Re: Leon Economides - Benefit Gig
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Almost time

My wife is also due in the next week or so. I'm hoping baby hangs in there till after Saturday  ;D

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Re: Leon Economides - Benefit Gig
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Fellow forumites ....I have just been informed that there has been a change of benefactors, not sure of the reason why the line up still looks good though

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