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Anybody know a little more of the history of WRS

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I was looking for a cheapie something to make a set to sell a turntable on Gumtree and came across this unit in the 'graveyard' section of Mr Harry's Pierced things shop (formally KK - shop is still Trading Station)...

Anyway after a bit of fettling it works great:



Mr Kassler (sorry Harry) says the transistors used are common and found in such versterkers as the NAD 3020...

WRS apparently was made in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)... Nothing else more that I can find on the net...

Kent Kassler:
Yip,2n3055's...nice JQ.....she sound ok?


--- Quote from: Harry's Pierced One on September 30, 2013, 11:50:24 PM ---Yip,2n3055's...nice JQ.....she sound ok?

--- End quote ---

Not bad at all... Considering I have it plugged into the 'special edition DC safe garage speakers'...

I originally picked this amp up from a garage in Fish Hoek.  I googled it and the only thing I found was from a classified ad in New Zealand where a guy was selling a WRS amp (different model) which he had emigrated with. The ad mentioned it was manufactured by World Radio Systems in ZImbabwe.  Otherwise nada.  I dropped it off with HPO where it has remained since then.  Glad it came to life!

Sounds pretty good. Will run it lots more before I show it proper speakers.
My only two concerns are that it gets warm and I see little ventilation and the original mains cable must be as thin as tonearm wire. .. I have never seen such thin three core mains cable before. ..
Inside it was put together really neatly.


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