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Acoustical Measuring Standards for Stereo Listening Rooms
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Acoustical Measurement Standards for Stereo Listening Rooms - Nyal Mellor ( Acoustic Frontiers) & Jeff Hedback ( Hd Acoustics)

This paper presents in‐room acoustical measurement standards as well as quantifiers of the environment itself for the purpose of high‐performance 2‐channel audio reproduction.  Context and examples are offered in various metrics ranging from noise, time related elements, frequency response, room size and room construction.  The various individual sections are covered each within their own realm and in how they interrelate toward the resulting listening experience.

Their very informative take on room acoustics for stereo setups, which incorporates REW measurements and explains exactly what the graphs mean, etc...

This document largely dispels a lot of myths out there and here about room acoustics and should be compulsory reading, and should considered a reference document.
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