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Re: Worth a read.....
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Rodney, I am glad you too found this document useful as I did, and posted it here.

I received a hard copy from my friend, Shaun Petersen, a visitor here, over the weekend, and once read realised that I applied some of the ideas expressed here, by default. An example ; The use of three subwoofers to correct some room related ills.   Hindsight is a wonderful tool.  At least I can chalk it down to a good experience had.

Although Gedlee has made his own speakers, as stated in this document,  there is sufficient useful  information providing one with an understanding of how speakers, subs, room treatments and equalisation interface.
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Re: Worth a read.....
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Another interesting read, and one that expouses the use of horns.

It so happens that I'll be putting some USD Audio waveguides in my car soon.
USD have been saying that controlling directivity in a small space is important for years.

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