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Valve etiquette and care

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Kent Kassler:
 :ROFLMAO: :point:......Ampdog ;D

Tx Jazz.

I think in any case either Sophia or EAT would be a worthwhile upgrade in my case.
So whichever comes first at the best pricing etc...
I just think that Sophia would not publish a article which raves about EAT on their own website just like that.. ( well... )

Anyway , are you also saying that ebay and audiogon is my best bets and trustworthy places for searching deals ? ( no chance for any local sales then ? )
I doubt in any case that I would get my hands on any WE originals in good condition.


--- Quote from: Kent Kassler on November 17, 2014, 10:16:17 PM --- :ROFLMAO: :point:......Ampdog ;D

--- End quote ---

Are you saying Mr AMPDOG have some EATs ?

Well maybe EATs are 2-3 times the Sophia so they feel its not a threat? Be sure to only buy from highly rated sellers with a long track record. Its not easy to get a quad set as most SET amps are single output valve per channel. Will be surprised if you found a willing local seller


No hurry.
Definitely not willing to pay such ludacris pricing.
Will wait for someone who might have a set that they decide to not use and perhaps get a reasonable deal.
For now at the price of 5k for both amps and 8 x 300b tubes albeit Electro Harmonics, the amps are good enough and was a real value for money purchase and I should not loose track of that.
But tx a mill jazz.

So to report back re the pics I posted... And get back to the topic ..
I cleaned the 4 tubes I use with isopropyl .. I only realised once I cleaned the first tube how dusty and dirty these were..
Anyway , I can also confirm that no lettering on the glass was lost.
More importantly I cannot hear any sonic benefits/differences with the cleaner tubes.. It just looks much better..
So if one is unsure perhaps rather leave the tubes dusty then ? As there is no snake oil in clean tubes and perhaps rather then standing the risk to break something ??


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