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Valve etiquette and care

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--- Quote from: darrylo on July 23, 2013, 09:53:38 PM ---Are you sure you quoted "Charles" correctly ...

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Maybe not 😄.
But I think mr Wins explained it better in the subsequent post


--- Quote from: King_Julian_S on July 23, 2013, 09:58:40 PM ---

I should also stop fiddling with valves when the amp is on , I find I have this habit to switch on , let it heat up long and then decide I have to ensure they are in their holes properly for some reason and tap on them..
I will have to stop doing that... Tx

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Remember the old lead lights always having to replace bulbs they did not last long at all.
All the moving around and banging did the filaments in quick. The Filaments are very weak when glowing only reason they don't burn out is because of the vacuum inside same with valves or vacuum tubes

--- Quote from: King_Julian_S on July 23, 2013, 09:58:40 PM ---
Just a quest ...
My amp switches off at the mains...
There is a switch on the amps self that apparently cuts the inputs off , so I would normally turn volume off , flick those switches and then off the other equipment and then the wall... So , am I switching it off in the wrong sequence then ? Maybe I should put the amps on their own plug and switch off there first ?

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I would do that make up a nice box with outlets for the amps alone and put individual switches on each line if you are running Mono Blocks.
Some nice Shielded cable to the amps.

Here is another hint I run shielded power cable on all my equipment and only earth the shield on the source side on everything.

Also my interconnects use balanced two core cable shielded, one core feed one core return shield only earthed on source side. I do not use the shield as return.
The systems are dead quite and I mean silent as death not a rush or a hum to be heard.
The only thing you can hear is a ever so slight rush with the volume turned right up max with your ear glued on the tweeter from the phono input. That is par for the course.
Playing volumes  not a thing.

Tx mr W.
Much appreciated

Mr W
Any ideas on where to source such cables ?
I use a normal kettle type plug , but I also get dead quiet response when volume is all out... And the speakers are very high sensitivity drivers as well.

I do get a very slight " Doooof " sound when I flick those switches I mention above to the on position...

Nice thread King_ I'm getting into valves for the 1st time now and as a newbie I knew none of the above...


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