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Dean & Ryan......saved by the Audio God's.

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Kent Kassler:
Time for some inspiration,some joy,perhaps even a little quiet song sung within?
This is the story of two brothers who were contacted by the God' is a finely honed blonde with piercing eyes and a sure step who could very easily fill the pages of "Nude Audiophiles"....the other is a seldom boned brunette who purely by size would need double pages in "Obese and into Audio"

Ryan had slickly orchestrated the sale of his soundbar  to a client and ever so proud he was,the glint of  joyful achievement fresh in his eyes and a wallet now bulging he summoned brother "number 2" to take him shopping for a new one at the hotly revamped Dion Wired.

Into the Opel Corsa bakkie they did climb....with Starsound amps,JVC blue backlit loader with mp3,soundstaging,50x4,loudness button,"Hello" greeting,eq with 40variable displays,voice recognition and usb.They smiled at each other as Dean rammed her into first and headed for the "You can do it all at the Blue Route Mall." Brothers "Bros" were chanting "When will I be famous" through the Diamond 6x9's,voicecoils rattling beneath the seats......and they were happy.

Dean made his customary rev to 8000rpm in neutral while stationary in the undercover parking bay(an announcement of his arrival) and spent 30minutes securing the priceless white vehicle (a process that includes chaining a car guard to the front bumper) before heading upstairs.

The Brothers Grimm entered Dion Wired with a confident step and headed straight for the HTIB division,plotting discounts for display models and communicating potential offers telepathetically to each other......they settled on a Samsung display unit retailing for R2500 which they proudly secured for 1k......(tbc)

Kent Kassler:
Speakers and Bluray all in one were bubble wrapped,paid for and the brothers winked at each other for the brilliance they had just been a part of.
The pair danced down the escalators,then back up,then back down....teeth shining in the led lit foyer.The conquest of the HTIB more thrilling than a willing wife.Astaire and Ginger Rogers tapped towards the bakkie,spinning carguards in beautiful pirouettes while unlocking and freeing the chained one.So overcome were they that they came.

HTIB was packed and off they went....

On the trip home praises were levelled at each other...."No it was you" said Laurel....."No it was you" said Hardy.....they hugged at 140km per hour when Dean was suddenly forced to brake because some **** was doing the speed limit..... suddenly the HTIB lept from the roof (where the brothers had left it while unlocking and celebrating) and overtook them,it flew almost in slow motion bubblewrap unwrapping in the vicious air before making it's new home on the m5 highway in a million goddamn pieces......

A deathly silence overcame the cockpit,Bros was paused.....and the HTIB went to heaven....The End.


Tell me this ain't a true story  :BWAHAHAH:

Kent Kassler:
I was crying with laughter when Dean phoned me last night and needed a tablet to calm down I tell you :ROFLMAO:


--- Quote from: Kent Kassler on June 19, 2013, 08:08:33 AM ---I was crying with laughter when Dean phoned me last night and needed a tablet to calm down I tell you :ROFLMAO:

--- End quote ---

 :point:  :nutter:  :BWAHAHAH:

Some moments in time just deserve to be captured for YouTube perpetuity.

Failing that, a missive by Mr Kassler will do...


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