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Hi guys. Anyone here perhaps have a tube tester? I find myself buying quite a lot of NOS tubes and have had a few lemons in the past. I am worried of putting my amp at risk so would like to use a tube tester to check for stuff like cathode leakage, shorts etc. beforehand. I was wondering if anyone has one locally and might consider letting it go; I am not too keen on importing a big heavy tester from overseas  :o


I know of two people who own tube testers, one is was Mr Valve, the other the hobbyist credited with the ISIS design, A Hobkirk.

Part of my line up of products from moth is this little guy...

GBP300.00 though so for the serious chaps I guess. PM if interested in one of them.

Local tube vendor? For NOS tubes? I pray do tell

Mr Valve business was built on NOS, before the ruskie tubes were easily available. His price list is still typically 30-40% NOS.

Why not build a tester of your own?


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