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Tube socket extenders?

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I would just use a socket and brass or copper pins perhaps a spacer with holes for lugs and yes, epoxy...

using an old tube you will need good solder, plenty heat and flux as it is harder then you think to solder nicely on the "inside" of the valve base...

I made some plug in diode replacent rectofiers once. (sounded kak evwn though they were my then fave high speed soft recovery types). they were a swine to solder on a smashed EL34 base...

Well, can get the above socket savers for around $30/pair so it is not a trainsmash; with my soldering skills it would certainly be safer than attempting DIY :p


Not sure whether I am not missing something here ...

I am unsure as to how exactly it happens that a tube can go close enough to a socket to make pin contact, but not go in 'all the way'. When it comes to DIY-ing, is it not possible to remove the original sockets and remount them on top of the chassis, or use different octal sockets that could be used like that? Surely less complicated than making an adaptor? I take it that in your case the tubes do not drop 'right through' as in e.g. Quad II, or you would not be able to fit them at all to begin with.


Hey there. The amp's sockets are not flush with the surface - there are cutouts in the top plate and the sockets sit ~5mm below, you can perhaps call them "countersunk". Most tube bases are wide enough to clear this hole as can be seen with the stock tubes installed in this image:

As you can see in the image attached to the first post though, that 6080 tube has an especially wide base. The base "hits" the perimeter of the cutout preventing it from going further, but the pins are long enough to go in partially and make contact with the sides of the pin sockets (where it looks like the conductive material is located). This is not a DIY amp hence I cannot remove and remount sockets.


Ah, thanks. Then an extender it is.

But still on practicality. Since not much height is required, and to keep things from appearing gross, could it be possible to solder a PC octal socket directly into the existing sockets, or thicken its pins so as to plug in without resorting to a complete socket + plug adapter?


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