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SE Tube Amp Parts
« on: January 10, 2009, 10:47:24 AM »
I am doing an interest check for a bunch of stuff I have that I might want to sell.

It is parts for a single-ended tube amp designed and prototyped by Alan Hobkirk (ISIS Fame).

2x Hammond 1640SE output transformers
2x Russian millitary 6C33C triode tubes (brand new, 00 hours)
2x Tube sockets for 6C33C triode tubes
2x 1.5H - 0.5A chokes
2x 2.0H - 0.2A chokes
1x Toroid Mains Transformer (3x 6.3v, 2x 180v, 1x 290v various amperes)
5x Phillips 470uF, 385V capacitors
2x F&T Al-Elko 470uF, 450v capacitors
2x 0 - 500 mA analogue panel meters (for bias readout)
2x 22k linear, 1w, panel mount Vishay potentiometers for negative bias adjustment
3x Anodized aluminum knobs (Black)
1x 3 way input selector rotary switch
1x 2 pole rotary power switch (mains)

Schematics will be included. Various resistors and small caps needed.
Various other small parts, like binding posts, rectifier blocks etc will also be included.

Chassis needed as well as 2x 6H30Pi tubes with sockets. Amplifier produces an estimated 11 watts per channel with negative feedback.

Contact me if you might be interested.