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AVForums.co.za Rules and Posting Guidelines

Audio is our hobby and we all like to converse with like-minded enthusiasts. Respect other people's opinions and think before you type: do not say anything that you would not say in person. With that in mind, we have some simple rules that aim to keep AVForums.co.za an enjoyable experience and valuable to all.

1. No personal attacks. Audio is a subjective matter and causes for disagreement abound; intelligent discussion and arguments are welcome. What will not be tolerated however is any post that is in any way inflamatory, racist or any remark that the moderators see as a personal attack on an individual.

2. Bad language and any form of mature content is prohibited.

3. Adhere to thread topics. (And, by the same token, post topics in the relevant boards.) Posting off-topic comments and steering the thread off course dilutes the value of the information therein. Off-topic posts, and even more importantly replies to off-topic posts, are welcome, but should also address the original thread topic. Threads will be split and/or moved at the moderators discretion. Use the Open Talk forum for everything outside of audio/video.

4. Avoid replies which add no new information to topics; move your private conversations offline by using the forum's private messag system or e-mail.

5. No posting of safety endangering information without an accompanying safety-warning message that adequately explains the risks

6. Registering multiple forum accounts by the same person is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

7. Members with commercial interests in the audio/video industry should avoid excessive plugging of their products or services unless explicitly asked for. Feel free to respond to general requests for recommendations but do not routinely "spam" the forum with unsolicited offers, pricelists, or other similar information. Advertising may only appear on our site with prior permission from AVForums.co.za.

8. Specific boards may have their own extensions to these rules (notably the Classifieds and the AVSA discussion boards). Please refer to the sticky posts in the relevant board for further information.

9. Kindly refrain from using animated avatars and signatures as this ruins the browsing experience of users with low bandwidth connections

10. Please ensure that images in signatures are smaller than 600 wide by 100 high.

*** Updates to forum rules

11. If we believe a member is providing false information and/or arguing against credible and proven evidence, we will do all we can to courteously and politely educate said member. However, we will NOT allow that member to continue to post the false information and we will not allow an argument against credible evidence to continue. Continued persistence against such guidance will result in severe action being taken.

12. We do encourage robust debate, but it should be understood that such debate should be conducted with generally accepted etiquette. We understand that not everyone can agree with each other, but that doesn't mean that courtesy and respect should be done away with.

13. We can not emphasize enough the importance of keeping the bickering, arguing, flaming, bashing and other such nefarious activities at bay. Furthermore, provoking and eliciting threads, posts and links that may give rise to potential conflict are also prohibited. This includes posting threads and content with the intent of 'Trolling' or 'Stirring the pot'.

14. If you and another member (or members) have issues with one another, DO NOT bring those issues to this forum. It will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

15. We will ensure that Mod and Admin behavior is in line with the rules and to the benefit of the greater community. It should, however, be understood that decisions made by the Mod and Admin team are not up for debate on the open forum. Should you disagree with a decision being made, you are welcome to PM any of the team to discuss this. Failure to abide with this will result in severe action being taken.

16. Under no circumstances is it permissible to discuss sites promoting or linking pirated content, or to post links/ references to pirated content.  Offenders will be permanently banned without warning.

Violation of forum rules will result in users having their accounts suspended and/or terminated. We will use discretion in applying the rules: some offences are more serious than others, and newbies may need a hint or two so that they can learn and adapt to our culture.

Moderation policy will be enforced by community-elected fellow members. While they should make every attempt to separate their moderator roles from their personal opinion, we accept that this will never be entirely true. Moderators should set an example through intelligent posting and polite communication.

Any comments or complaints about moderator behaviour should be sent directly via email to pavel@avforums.co.za.

While I do not want to mess with the above rules too much, I feel we need to amend or add new ones to keep pace with the growth of the forum. To make people aware of these changes and amendments, I think it important to 'Bump' this thread. I kindly ask members to take note of these changes and amendments in the interests of general harmony.

9. Kindly refrain from using animated avatars and signatures as this ruins the browsing experience of users with low bandwidth connections

10. Please ensure that images in signatures are smaller than 600 wide by 100 high.

This is AVForums SA and has nothing to do with AVSA. They 'advertise' here, thats hat.

This thread should probably be locked...

With all the flaming happening here of late, more aggressive measures are being taken to bring this place back in line.

We've always advocated the pipe-dream of minimal moderation, but clearly that approach is failing us. Most of the people that come here are professionals, we're not dealing with 12 year old kids here. How this place has degenerated into a flame for all is disappointing to say the least - and personally I think the offenders should be ashamed of themselves.

Unfortunately this trend is forcing our hand, so we plan on being more strict from here on out. You will also notice that quite a few members have been sent to the Chill Room - this move is probably rather severe but it does serve its purpose. We have to all remember that the REPUTATION of this forum is the most important thing here as all the members that frequent this place is painted with this brush. I for one will not be associated with the utter disrespect that's been the norm of late, and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. So, from here on out we will measure the content here on how it affects the Reputation of the Forum. If the content is out of line for whatever reason, it will be culled and warnings issued. If such poor content persists, then posters will be banned.

Lastly, Mods have been instructed to set the example. This does not mean that Mods are fair game. They will moderate fairly, if however you feel this is not the case you are welcome to PM me to sort it out.

All of us in the Mod team believes that this is the best approach to take to pull this place back in line again.

I've updated key areas of the Rules for this forum. Please read them and take note.


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