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Steinhart Schematic

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--- Quote from: Family_Dog on May 31, 2014, 01:01:22 PM ---I do not know the Bolero, but I do frown upon wires soldered directly to the valve base. Cost-cutting! - But to my mind a cheapskate way of doing things. You definitely want to keep the output valves away from the PCB to avoid heat-transfer and subsequent damage to the PCB. Perhaps Mars or Ampdog might be more familiar with this model.

Petty complaints aside, Steinhart amps in general sound very good!


--- End quote ---

In Gunther defense, these were made in a time before the internet, before certain revivals and the opening up of former communist countries still making tubes and bases. My understanding is they were just virtual unobtainium here back then. I am sure had they been on APs shelves, he would have used them.

Only about 17 months late ....

In the first diagram, looking at the leftmost ECC83 triode: I hope the 47F cathode bypass capacitor goes to the junction of the 2K2 and 100E cathode resistors and not ground (common) - otherwise no feedback ....

Good point, never even noticed that. I will need to check the amp at some stage.


Mr Valve:
Good morning all

Maybe a bit late ...

I have a few Steinhardt diagrams on file ... Please contact me if I can be of any help.


Hi All

I've got a Fidelio (102DD) to repair for a friend. It was making popping sounds on L channel and one valve was as good as a microphone, it was so microphonic!

However, a matched pair of 6n45C's from Sanita later, its purring like a kitten again.

It would be handy to have the diagram, if possible. It uses 5814 x2, 12BH7, and 6n45C x2. Anyone have this diagram?

Sound-ly yours


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