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Steinhart Schematic

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Sounds suspiciously close to the TVP80D, schematic in the very first post of this thread. Same valve line-up so can't be that different.


Franc dup:
Yes- I went through all of the diagrams that is posted here and Think the TVP502CD is similar also.. Problem is - I need to replace the one transistor on the input board (Think its a BU505 - And then I measured 580V on all the KT88 Plates, obviously this is way too high and there are no VR to adjust this, So - my only thought is that somebody changed a component / s and that's what the bias ended up as being.

Hi All ,please can anyone help me with info i.r.o gunter steinhart TVP 1001E monobloc tube amp -pl519 output valves 100w i would love to have a schematic if possible ,also should anyone have one lying around gathering dust ...and dry joints for that matter and they want to get rid of pls give me a shout ...the other one was left on a pavement some years ago ...eish ... thanks a mill..


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