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Steinhart Schematic

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First some photos:

filter capacitors for 180V anode supply

8 x PL519

Underneath the two blocks:

I replaced the electrolytics on both:

one screen grid resistor was off value; replaced with new resistor

I could not find a way to measure idle current through the PL519 cathode, so I inserted a 1 ohm in the cathode lead. (How did Gunther set the bias?)

It turns out that not all tubes are biased correctly... no surprise since they have been biased 30 years ago (I guess)

They average values seems to be 150mA per tube. That should give about 50 watts per PL519 pair, or 200 watts for eight PL519's push-pull.

I tried to bias all the tubes to 150mA, but some PL519's do not want to go above 125mA; so I am going to bias one pair to 125mA and the rest to 150mA to keep DC balance.

Thanks to peter190e, the missing power supply schematic from the TVP77UL amplifier is now loaded onto Dropbox.

Many thanks, Peter!


I had a pair of TVE 200's

They weigh a ton but sonically they did not work for me in my system. Such a pitty as i really wanted to keep them

Franc dup:
Hey Guys Got some pic (Actually Mountains full of pics) of the Gunter Steinhart TVP404. I downloaded the diagrams posted here and went through them but cant see anything resembling the TVP404.. It used one EC82 and one EC83 per channel and two KT88 per channel on the output. Does anybody - a very long shot I know - have the diagram for the TVP404? or know which one of the other diagrams are the closest?


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