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Steinhart Schematic

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Maybe none of my business, but....if Mr Valve is retiring, perhaps it might be worthwhile to request copies of the generously offered diagrams? For posting here, perhaps, and maybe copies to Cape Town Hi Fi club? Are there equivalent organisations in other centres?

These treaures need to be preserved for posterity.

Excellent idea! Sanita, if you like, I will upload them here. Please contact me per PM or the address you hav for me on file (Eric).


Hi Guys

Is it worthwhile, while I've got the Fedelio (102DD) in my mitts, to trace the circuit out? I'm tempted to do that for my own purpose, but external interest will motivate me even more!

I particularly want to re-design the PCB using ceramic valve bases instead of the round support rings and the slide-on connectors. When you work on the PCB, the tracks and pads are so puny that more damage is caused.

I would like to have a copy of the TVP-102 circuit, as well as the TVP-1 Differential Valve Preamp. My pal has all three devices and would be great for maint purposes.

Last thing - the transistor fine-bias drawing on the Bolero Junior Output circuit is wrong (?)> The BD140 tranny is a PNP and the pins are 1-e, 2-c, 3-b (from left to right). Anyone else notice this? How effective is this system?


Thanks to fredeb who obtained 22 Steinhart schematics from Mr Valve. Many thanks to both of you!

These may be downloaded from this link:

The following Steinhart Schematics are listed:

Bolero Junior - TVP171 Input Stage.pdf
Bolero Junior - TVP171 Output.pdf
Bolero Junior Input Stage.pdf
Bolero Junior Output.pdf
Bolero Junior PS.pdf
Bolero Junior.pdf
Bolero Juniorb Instructions.pdf
Bravura MK2.pdf
DVP-1SE PS.pdf
DVP-6H30 Pre amp.pdf
Head Amp.pdf
Pre amp.pdf
TVP102 Out + PS.pdf
TVP102 Sound Stage.pdf


Dark Angel:
I'm rebuilding a TVP 200, does anyone have schematics for it?


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