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Suggestions for moderators

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Hi Guys(and lady)

Some of the events that have taken place on the forums of late have highlighted the need for having additional moderators on all the forums. Please recommend at least three people you feel may be suitable to fulfil this role and by the end of next week(21st Nov) I will put up a poll to run for a week to determine who you choose as moderators to assist Kay to sail this ship.

Those of you that have already make suggestions on the forums rules post, please enter the names in this post again.

Okay, let me start.

I suggest Shonver and Gbyleveldt as board moderators.

Devil Ears is nother good possibility if I can pursuade him to rejoin

Hi Abe,

I say Shaun, Greg, you and maybe Dave (DevillEars) if he's prepared to come back.



I don't really know the other mods, but Greg and Abe I've dealt with, so they get my vote - especially Greg I should have known who dingbat was the moment the first LOOOOOOL! appeared!).

Ok Shaun already said he can't, and so did Gert. Vendors and manufacturers seems out as well. I personally don't have a problem with Martin.

So here's my list:
DevilEars (if he decides to come back)
Family Dog

@ Pavel, I know this is a thankless job. But as I mentioned many times now, this is a great place to meat people and get some diverse information. The person that thinks he knows everything is a fool, and this is the place to learn more. Thanks for your dedication.


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