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Taylor 45C valve tester. Anyone got some experience?

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Hi guys

I finally got my hands on my first valve tester after a long search.

The good news is she seems to work.... but not on all settings. I suspect its just dirty contacts on all those rotary selectors. It only has I cap that I will replace asap.
I'm also thinking or replacing all the resistors with modern 1% variety.


I'm not familiar with the Taylor VT, but in general they are (were?) a respectable manufacturer of test equipment. The caps may/ may not require changing but you should leave the resistors alone. The resistors are usually "taylor-made" (pun intended) for a specific purpose and the values are not necessarily common types that are freely available.

Post a pic please, I'm keen to see what this looks like.


Here is a pic. Needs  bit of a clean.

Wow.. lots of knobbly bits on there :)

I do recognise it - nice unit! Do you also have the manual with all the info for setting it?



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