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The Parow Valley Sessions....Golden Lion vs AlleyCat .(Who's urine is stronger)

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Kent Kassler:
Yes folks,here it is,the audio "Rumble in Rodney's Jungle",the "B ugger the oxygen free cable and get the contestants some",the "Let it all hang out and it wont go back in without medical assistance" for your reading pleasure is a brief description,review,experience,take etc on yesterdays concert in the hills.I drove with Spellcheck Dean out of the ruins of the deep south and we headed out to the pristine hills of Parow where wildlife roam freely,where beautiful woman are simply visitors from other suburbs,where Knight Rider stores his Kit,where racial equality is  of such primary concern that even black cars have a white girlfriend(but the black one is still labelled "Evil" and the white one "Good").....we nervously crept off the N1 and headed in the direction of a palpable scent of milk and honey in the air, passing grazing cattle,Maserati's and beautiful hitchhikers trying to make their way home after a rewarding night out while wives were away on business....Dean and i were bouncing away in his Corsa bakkie with Starsound tweeters,Starsound midbass, JVC blue backlit frontloader with eq and Boyzone blasting away......i thought we were doing the Bellville disguise thing well until we were reminded by a Jopie Adam lookalike at the robots that our elbows should be hanging outside the windows.....epic fail! ....just going to my notes for a minute.....


Kent Kassler:
....i counted a fair few B&B's and guesthouses along the way that we in the deep south call "Houses of ill repute" and Rodney is fortunate to be just 2 doors away from one(close enough to indulge but far enough away to feel unrelated),talk about a well thought out retirement home this man really does take planning to levels of success that i am in awe of....Dean and i stopped in at the B&B for a rates list and it appears we would need to cash in our retirement annuities(and add a bit) for such a luxurious "getaway"(and the owner is a lovely lady named Agnetha ;D).....anyway Rodney's driveway is right ahead so off we went......

Keep it coming Kent, love your style,

Kent Kassler:
....Rodney buzzed us in and he and William(Earbud) were standing above a slight incline at the entrance to his palace almost Elton and David like at first appearance(and even second to be honest)....they welcomed Dean and I and for a moment i had this deep fear that i was soon to be starring in some Silicon Valley skinflick(hopefully not snuff),i stalled (while Dean forged eagerly ahead)and reached back into the car for some wine to go with the occasion....4 Cousins(oh the irony!).....Dean skipped up the staircase like some naive choirboy and for some obscure reason i had a vision of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music......we left the chilly morning air and entered Ratanga Junction nervous but still clothed.....


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