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Rotten Johnny:
Download the HOSTS file from http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm for Linux, copy and paste its contents into /etc/hosts, save it and reload your browser.  For Windows instructions are included on the referenced page.

Good stuff. Thanks.

I also add things like microsoft and adobe to my hosts file, makes sure their sotware cannot do any background 'upgrades' without me knowing what its doing.

Rotten Johnny:
^^^ don't have that problem using Linux, the underlying philosophy is you're in charge, it's your device and nothing is done without your say-so. Imagine that, a software co. treating its users with respect...never happen in a windoze or crapple world.


--- Quote from: audiomuze on July 11, 2012, 06:15:03 AM ---^^^ don't have that problem using Linux

--- End quote ---

I never contest the superiority of Linux. But because certain companies only provide software for windoos, it becomes necessary to keep a '**** version available.

<edit> ^^^ some Afrikaaner has been adding to the forum software dictionary I see! It knows THAT Afrikaans word.

P.S. Another thing I discovered to keep windoos under control: tell the operating system globally to use a proxy for internet access, & give it a nonsense IP. But tell Firefox specifically to bypass the proxy. This stops most software from having web access to its 'home'.


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