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Testing an OPT



Is there anyone who cat properly test an OPT?

I have a leak 12.1 OPT that was diagnosed as faulty and replaced. I have installed the said faulty OPT and given it a listen. I cant seem to find any fault with it. I was told it worked t lower power levels but had issues at higher volume.

I suppose a scope and a audio signal generator would clear up if its faulty or not ?

Dear darrylo,

It is not so easy to check the performance of an output transformer.  Please PM in this regard.

Kind Regards



As Charles said, not easy in the sense of a quick ohm-meter check. Several parameters have to be tested, but it can be done with signal generator, scope and another feeding amplifier/power source for high-level testing (about 30 minutes required). The specs are known. If you do not come right you can also contact me.


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