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Avo MK4 valve tester


Hello to all here i am new and the name is Mechiel. I am into Hamradio and electronics. I recently got hold of a Avo MK4 tester and a room full of radio valves.
I would like to learn how to use the AVO and test the valves. Want to sell or trade the valves but need to learn to test them. I have been studing the manual and trying just want to make shure i do it right. So any one who is willing to learn me i would be glad.


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Umm rather sell me the valves and tester.

Dear mecodel,

I am willing to help you to use the tester to test valves. I am in the Pretoria are.
An AVO MK IV valve tester is a very good tester. You can forward me a PM.

Kind Regards


Thanks Charles.
My mail is


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