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GZ34 vs GZ37 in my Leak st 60


I just checked the model no on my oversize rectifier valve and noticed its not the correct spec for my amp.

I know some Conside rit an upgrade but I was wondering if I'm doing more harm than good with it ?
From what I understand the current draw on the heater circuit is alot higher.

Should I play it safe and "downgrade" ?


GZ37 spec recommends a maximum 4uF in a capacitor coupled PSU, GZ34 can handle 47uF. The 37 pulls 3A from the heaters the '34 only 2A.......

Kent Kassler:
okay gz34 good to go......and i found 2 Matsushita el84's(these are untested but are virtually bulletproof) and are basically Mullard units made in Japan....i'll get them off tomorrow ;)....happy listening!


Can't see how this is an upgrade. One possible problem: The 'Coke-bottle' shape might cause the glass envelope to be too close to the power transformer shell, causing undue heat build-up. That apart from the higher heater current.

So as far as I am concerned for GZ37:   :nono:


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