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Hi-Fi World k5881 kit amp(parallel single ended) amp....any opinions?

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Kent Kassler:
Been offered one of these that needs assembly......always wanted to tackle building such an amp.....comes complete with everything needed,could a fool such as i do this?....and does anyone know what the quality of these amps is like?....she runs a pair of 5881's or 6l6 outputs per channel,more than that i dont know....many thanks in advance.

If you don't want it I might.
I don't think these are paint by numbers like a Velleman or others but not too tough.

Afaik this dates back to a Andy Groves design who now works for audio note uk  and has done some of the quad re issues. Transformers probably Tim de Paravicini designed (not made though).

You could do a lot worse I guess.

Kent Kassler:
Thanks Hi-Phibian....i will get her here and see what this entails and let you know...

Hi Kent (Kassler, not Clark),

One might form some sort of opinion if a schematic is available.  Any luck?

Kent Kassler:
not sure Ampdog,i will check.....he also has a Transcendent Sound otl valve kit.....but those look lethal in more ways than one and i like output transformers ;D


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