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The Cape Town Sessions by Kent Kassler(no porkies in these reviews!)

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Kent Kassler:
A cold and wet morning greeted the Capetonian DIY community also known as "Anal Are Us".....this dull and gloomy day however could not dampen our spirits(but it certainly could warp a baffle or two)...... and did based on some of the listening tests but more on Jacques speakers later....i travelled with Alternative Route along the exact same road anyone else would have which kinda makes his name unimpressive dont you think?We arrived at the Cape Malay Quarters(well armed of course just in case!) but found a community of pug walking,bleach-skinned,botox-injected Sea Point trophy wives(or were they Pay to Play workers?) walking around, blissfully unaware of the dangerous area they were in......after 2 or 3 stops by Jacques to "seek direction" he found himself and realised he was already seeing someone and we made our way to this elitist gathering.......

Kent Kassler:
....parking was secure and plentiful as it should be when it cost more than i paid for a 100wpc amp just the other day,we uncovered Alty's Seas Maya's from beneath a warm blanket that was an ancestral gift bestowed upon his life partner.... and his use of it would lead to a scolding that no self-respecting man should have to endure,shame on her....and in front of me on top of it!Entering the Quarters i expected to see any number of fullterm ladies giving birth on bales of straw beneath oil-filled lamps for light and warmth but no......just lavish shops,one selling massive large colour filled glass marbles and goenies and plates that appear to have spent too long in the oven....and people pay 10's of thousands of rands for these folks!Another store opposite with a lady suffering severe acne selling skin products and herbal remedies that she insists works.......aah and there it is just ahead of us "The Listening Room"......


Kent Kassler:
^^^dont worry the reviews are coming,i'm just building tension and creating scenery....isn't that what a good reviewer should do?

 :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:Just Plain ,Brilliant!! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:


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