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Nice test tone/testing resource
« on: May 19, 2012, 05:17:24 PM »
Dunno if it's been posted before , but check it , your system and yourself out
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Re: Nice test tone/testing resource
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Partially referenced 7 days ago....,16324.msg204000.html#msg204000

It's a good site - should go sticky in the acoustics section maybe?
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Re: Nice test tone/testing resource
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OK so my headphones think they can do 10Hz - don't know if those are just resonances of the headphone structure... and my ears do 16kHz... And the shures srh840's SOUND very flat to my hearing... on this test... and I have about 66dB of Dynamic range in my headphone setup next to a loud computer... The drivers are matched... and there is a resonance somewehere in the bass, that doesn't seem to be fixed by tightening screws or reassembly...
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