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Anyone here have any/are collectors of Heathkit valve/tube equipment?


...the reason I'm asking is that I today picked up a box with what looks to be a complete NOS kit for a valve-based Heathkit AJ-12 stereo FM tuner.

I was hoping that it was a valve-amp, but alas....

Kent Kassler:
nice find all the same....i've never come across any Heathkits gonna build it?

Hi Andre

Thanks! You might remember me - I visited you a couple of months ago (white Subaru WRX) to view the REL sub...

Not sure yet, but it is brand new! Still wrapped in its original packaging material in its original box. I'm not really a "radio" type and the box does contain some very nice spares - but it seems a shame to break it up.

That's partly why I'm trying to guage the relative value/interest here in SA - or not....

Be that as it may, I'm in no rush to make a decision.

^^^ Oh you that guy Andre was ranting and raving about. Eish, what did you do?


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