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I have noticed, as I am certain have many other forumites,  an increase in for example, blown/damaged tweeters, amps that need to be repaired, etc...  Should we not have a section where the most popular repairers/tweakers contact details such as their names, area, telephone numbers(?), etc can be found, for easy reference?

For example : Speaker repairs/tweeter re-coiling(?)- Cape Town : Resonant Frequency (Rian) Tel : 021 - 919 6073; Jhb...........details ; Durban.................and so on....
                       Amps - Ampdog (?), etc....

Most of these guys info is common knowledge and the same enquiries just gets regurgitated each time.

Thread made into a Sticky. Please keep discussions to a minimum or it will lose impact.


Feel free to delete this post ...

Would it not be better to have all information in the first post?
So if details need to be added / removed then the person sends the mods a pm and they edit the post?

In which case this thread may as well be locked.
Just my 2c

Let's get some ideas first, then we'll take it from there.


Speaker repairs in Centurion - Universal Speaker (Willie Louw) 012 664 2312

Speaker repairs in Germiston - The Loudspeaker Doctor 011 827 8661


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