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Our dear friend has passed on - Rest well, Abe

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Christa has just contacted me with the sad news. Our friend, who was responsible for so much fun, laughter and pleasant banter has left this realm.

Abe (a.k.a. ABC a.k.a. The Mossel Basher a.k.a. Viagara) was one of the founding members of this forum. He was a great friend to have and an entertaining host at some of our local GTGs.

I would like to extend my profoundest sympathies to Christa and the family. It was long and hard battle for Abe and also the fanmily. The last time I saw Christa she looked physically drained. There has been much well-wishing here on the forum but, in the end, these matters are out of our hands.

Abe will be sorely missed.

God be with you, Christa and family.

Oh no, what awful news. RIP, Abe, really sorry to hear this.

Wow. And I just spoke to him two weeks ago. This is terrible news!

Abe, we will all miss you dearly and Christa: Our thoughts are with you all.

He will be dearly missed and celebrated.
My sincerest condolences to Christa and his family.

Truly sad news.

May God be with the family he left behind.


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