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--- Quote from: kay on May 30, 2008, 05:23:02 PM ---I think our forum has very specific appeal, if you want to go register on the likes of AVForums.com or Audioholics, you probably don't care enough to stick around here anyway.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, it's definitely not for the the average joe with an FM stereo :) I'm way out of my league here  :o

--- Quote from: kay on May 30, 2008, 05:23:02 PM ---The lack of notification was my fault, as I explained in my email to you. I will make sure it does not happen again.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, thanks for letting me know.

Please take no offence to be starting this thread, it was in no way a whine, rather an observation.

Not at all, I think it's a very valid comment - you are actually the first to bring up the subject so I am guessing there might be some quiet frustration going on that I wasn't aware of :)


I don't give a hoot, welcome boet  ;) ;D ;D ;D

Kay, while we are busy changing your website, ;D how about a [HOME] and [FORUM] button at the bottom of each screen, I'm wearing out my mouse's scroll wheel :D

Thanks for everything


The Godfather:
Kay, I think the way things are now is fine and agree that this forum appeals to those with a more than passing interest. I think it is a good stretegy to keep out those who want a quick question answered here or there. I dont think this forum caters to that sort of need. I see it more as a community of people, even if it is split & I think that half the members should be struck from the role. (Only kidding). It stops the takers from just comming to take, and makes it more likely that those that enter the forum are here to give back as well.


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